CFTW DC USB 2.0 5V 2 A Input to 12V 0.8 A Output Male 5.5X2.1mm Power Supply


Input: 5V
Output: 12V 600MA

Input Interface: USB2.0 male connector

Output Interface: DC5521
Suitable for LED, routers, tablet PCs, speakers and other products!
The product can be connected to the car USB, USB to computer audio, LED, tablet PCs and other charge

Related parameters:

1, an input interface: USB male plug (can be inserted directly to the computer USB socket);

2, the output interface: DC5.5 * 2.1 male plug

3, the voltage range: 5V fixed input 12V output;

4, input power: ≥5V 1A input (recommended for input 5V 2A)

5, Size: middle box size of about 58 * 35 * 15mm

6, unilateral Cable length: USB input of about 22cm, DC5.5 * 2.1 plug (elbow) output of approximately 15cm.

7, the default output plug to DC5.5 * 2.1 (inside is outside the negative) elbow,

This is a voltage-output, 12V voltage

5v input, 12v output,
This product is a USB interface input (5V suggested the use of the above input voltage 10v or less)
Output DC5.5 * 2.1 plug (inside is outside the negative) other output interface can be customized.
Recommended 5v2A DC input (current 1-3A).
Reference is calculated, the input voltage 5v * Input Current 2A * 0.8; Output Voltage 12V, current is about 0.6A, maximum MAX0.8A.

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